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Herbein + Company, Inc.

CPS Case Study

Custom Processing Services

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Custom Processing Services Crushes, Grinds, and Pulverizes
their way to Success

It all started with an idea for a new technology that would micronize and grind powders. The idea formed into a business plan, and from a business plan into Custom Processing Services, Inc.

Custom Processing Services (CPS) is a Contract Manufacturing Service provider located in Reading, Pennsylvania. CPS was founded in 2000 as a two-man operation and has since grown to a 102 person company (as of November, 2013), with four buildings in two locations.

Their specialty? Making particles so small that they can barely be seen.


CPS uses the latest technology to micronize and grind materials for a wide range of products as well as assisting their clients with many parts of the supply chains. They source raw materials and process them from large pieces of rock down to nano-sized particles.

In 2011, CPS opened a new facility dedicated to food and pharmaceutical processing. This represents an opportunity for growth by providing outsourced services to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

CPS has a commitment to continuous improvement and leading technologies, which holds them as a benchmark in their industry.


After a decade of continued growth, CPS realized that a larger certified public accounting firm was necessary to achieve the full scope of accounting and financial expertise.

“Herbein’s technical proficiency, as well as their professionalism, has helped CPS to have a financial accounting presence that is as advanced as the technological services we offer,” stated Becky Shemanski of CPS.

Custom Processing takes great pride in giving the best advice to their customers.  In turn, they seek service providers with similar mindsets. “When you go to a surgeon, you want the doctor who does this operation twenty times per week,” stated Becky.

“Custom Processing is a leader in cutting-edge materials handling technology,” according to Barry Groebel of Herbein’s tax group.  “Whenever we have a client who is leading the way in innovation, we explore research and development tax credits, which is a way to capture and allocate expenses towards new processes.”

“Barry was patient and a good listener,” stated Gregg Shemanski, President and CEO of Custom Processing Services.  “He was able to boil things down and get to the gist of what we were doing.” The resulting savings further helps a growing company.

During CPS’ initial discussions with Herbein, there appeared to be opportunity for the use of Research and Experimentation (R&E) tax credits.  Herbein was able to work with the CPS team to develop an R&E report.  As a result, Herbein + Company, Inc. was able to provide significant tax savings right away.

In turn, as Gregg proudly states, “Every job we create pays a family-sustaining wage.” This commitment (among others) to making a difference in their community has earned the company a Governor’s Impact Award for investing in Pennsylvania and job creation. “We are continuously hiring new positions, so if you know of anyone, please ask them to visit”

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