In today's dynamic marketplace, companies backed by private equity and venture capital groups need experienced advisors to deal with the issues and potential risks inherent in new growth plans.

It is imperative to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between the companies and their investors and ensure the company is appropriately organized to maximize tax savings.

Herbein offers insights that foster development among market leaders and their investors. Our knowledge and experience provides private equity and venture capital groups and their partners and portfolio companies with useful knowledge and resources to effectively grow and progress through a business life cycle. We can assist with enhancing capital efficiencies and help avoid equity valuation and compensation pitfalls. Our approach emphasizes the operations and business strategies of our clients and understanding their opportunities and challenges. Frequent, substantive, and responsive communication is a key part of our business advisory approach.

Our extensive experience serving private equity and venture capital backed companies ensures new clients a smooth transition to the firm and delivers value from the inception of the relationship.