Experienced Professionals

Herbein remains active in hiring laterals seeking expanded opportunities and new challenges.  Hiring is the first step, developing a strong plan for success is the key.  Approximately 90% of experienced professionals who joined Herbein over the past five years are still with our firm.

Your Career

Salary and benefits will always be of great importance, particularly in your short-term plan.  Many people desire more - a career, rather than just a job - and that is what Herbein offers.   

Our Individualized Career Development plans are carefully developed for each staff member and consist of a variety of in-house and outside education.

Staff members with a desire to grow and learn are vital to the continued success of our firm. They promote workplace productivity and increase morale for the entire firm. Each staff member has a personal career aspiration, and it is our responsibility to support them in the accomplishment of this goal. Herbein + Company, Inc. provides several types of Continuing Professional Education to its employees.

Our curriculum takes several forms:

  • Seminars designed and carried out by some of our highly experienced staff
  • Programs tailored to our firm and executed by outside specialists
  • Technical and success skill programs offered through Allinial Global
  • Lunch and learn programs
  • Informal on-the-job experiences

External education is also available to our staff for specialty or advanced knowledge. Reimbursement is provided for approved travel and lodging when attending out-of-town programs.