Herbein specializes in people development through a comprehensive approach that encompasses both innovative training programs and personalized development techniques, aligning the unique growth paths of individuals with organizational goals to foster a thriving, competitive workforce.

Our training programs, delivered both in-person and/or virtually, are highly interactive with insight-filled information combined with group and team exercises, small team discussions, and practical application of techniques to real-life/work situations. Our training allows participants to gain valuable knowledge while interacting with the facilitator and other participants. Programs are designed to get the best performance from your team and enable them to practice new skills or techniques in a supportive environment.

The content within our HR Consulting programs is based on decades of business experience and research, the presentation style is deliberately jargon-free and communicated in a common-sense, down-to-earth manner that produces immediate, practical results. We believe strongly that organizational follow-up and support, including the potential for additional sessions and training, are essential to ensure continued learning. 

Our people development services include:

  • Leadership Coaching: Click here to learn more about our leadership coaching.
  • Management Training: The development of managers is a top priority for the most successful businesses today, as they understand the significant impact managers have on employee engagement and retention. Proper training has a positive effect on employee performance, job satisfaction, productivity, efficiency, and turnover (for both the manager, and their teams!). Additionally, with the constant changes in employment law, organizational restructuring, and management techniques, appropriate training can mitigate organizational risk. Ultimately, Management Training is an investment in the future of the organization.
    • To view an example program offering, click here.
  • Organization-wide training: Today’s employees are looking for companies that provide growth and development opportunities. All learning events are unique to the individual client’s needs.  We drill down into the organization to better understand what skill needs are necessary for today and what is needed to take the organization into the future.  We identify skill gaps and create programming to tool or reskill participants.
  • Development Guides: These reports summarize how you view yourself in comparison to other successful people. Increased self-awareness is the beneficial result. Research and practical experience in both large and small organizations have strongly indicated that the more we know about ourselves (our likes, dislikes, interests, motivations), relative to a specific job, career or profession, we are more productive, successful, and most of all, happy in our endeavors. Therefore, learning about oneself is, in fact, important to increasing the chances for a successful career. No individual is perfectly suited for an occupational role. Rather, we exhibit personal gifts and limits relative to the job responsibilities. The purpose of the Development Reports is to identify an individual's gifts and limits, and to provide developmental suggestions for enhanced self-understanding. Available development reports include management, leadership, professional, and sales.
  • 360 Feedback: The 360° Leadership Development Questionnaire is a multi-rater feedback tool. It is designed to obtain individual performance information from those with whom they have significant contact or influence. Like other 360° Leadership Development Questionnaires, boss, peer and subordinate ratings are compared to an employee's self-perceptions.