Your organization has a compelling story - a story that starts with your people, culture, and brand - that together, have a significant impact on your business’ reputation and performance. Think of it as your “why.” In the marketplace, why matters. In the talent market, why matters. Strong brands attract target consumers - and strong talent.

Once we capture the attention of the right talent, landing them in your organization requires a flawless candidate journey, well-trained hiring teams, and an effective recruiter.

Herbein HR Consulting professionals collaborate with you to authentically discover and document your “why,” and optimize your talent acquisition process.

How We Can Help:

Employee Branding

We build on our understanding of your organization to align key stakeholders, and then partner with you to craft an employer brand story that is compelling, unique, and authentic. 

  • Employee value proposition - Know what your employees value most and uncover what makes you special to strategize how to tell your story.
  • Persona development - Discover who thrives in your organization, why talent joins your organization, and strategize how to attract more of the right talent.
  • Content marketing -  Do your career sites, sourcing materials, job postings, and employees have the materials to effectively communicate the brand value to prospective employees?

Recruitment Process Optimization

Crafting a seamless candidate journey is essential for the ongoing success of your talent acquisition process. From initial outreach to onboarding, each touchpoint shapes the experience, influencing candidates to maintain a relationship with your organization. We offer a comprehensive evaluation and recommendations to optimize your talent acquisition process, ensuring alignment with business goals across all three critical perspectives - candidate, hiring manager, and recruiter.

Candidate perspective - We’ll collect and measure insights on the moments that matter to an applicant and shape their experience, beginning with first interaction with your organization. The candidate journey includes an assessment of the following items:

  • Branding: Visible and authentic brand communication / Social media utilization / Job Posting content
  • Sourcing: Direct and passive sourcing resources / Employee referral program effectiveness / Technology utilization
  • Application: Internal & External Application Process / Mobility / Communications with applicants
  • Selection: Screening process / Assessments / Candidate prep / Scheduling / Interviewing skills / Evaluation tools / Communications with candidates
  • Offer: Delivery / Negotiation / Offer celebration / References and background checks / Engaging “runner-ups”
  • Onboarding: Pre-boarding activities / Building relationships and connections / Equipping for success

Hiring manager perspective - We ensure your hiring managers preparedness, efficiency, and effectiveness in the selection process to maximize your chances of landing the right candidate. We evaluate how hiring managers...

  • Request service: Workforce planning / Requisitioning / Job descriptions / Wages and budgets
  • Launch a search: Defining requirements / Referral & network activation / Service level agreement and expectations
  • Select: Screening and interview process / Internal communications / Interview compliance / Interview skills / Candidate evaluation process
  • Onboard: 90-Day Experience / Relationships and connections / Internal communications / Training / Check-ins

Recruiter perspective - To be effective, the process of recruiting must be positive for the recruiter. Here we focus on three elements that in combination drive success; partnerships, technology, and metrics.