We offer a wide range of custom and automated reports to assist with hiring needs. Through behavioral and cognitive ability measures, our proprietary assessment tools provide valuable insights into your personnel. The knowledge that forms the basis of the reports can be tailored to your requirements and use that's language consistent with your business’ culture.

Our assessment and report services include:

  • Executive Assessment
    • Elevate your hiring decisions with our executive assessment process, which analyzes personality, ability, and interviews to pinpoint strengths and development areas specific to the role. Our reports are crafted with references to relevant competencies, providing valuable insights. Ideal for upper-level roles, internal promotions for these roles, and vital mid-level management positions.
  • General Assessment
    • Similar to Executive Assessment but may involve a smaller test battery and not involve an interview. Additionally, feedback may involve just a verbal debrief with the hiring manager.
  • Entry-Level Profile
    • A one-page hiring report where graphical representation is provided with relevant behaviors, along with a reference guide to interpret the results and create job-relevant interview questions.
  • Interview Guides
    • A hiring guide used to identify questions to help probe personality and ability areas relative to the applicant’s questionnaire responses. The guide also provides a visual representation of the applicant’s responses compared to other successful incumbents.

Assessment and service subscriptions may include:

  • Unlimited Interview Guides and Development Reports
  • Training courses on how to use the testing/interview guides
  • Ongoing data analysis
  • Additional support related to assessment services