HR compliance and policy management are complex and multifaceted. Whether it's updating your employee handbook, performing an HR audit, or developing comprehensive strategies to support and efficiently manage your teams, the challenges are continuous and diverse.

Our team recognizes that HR compliance and policies are an ongoing endeavor, and we are equipped to assist you even when the path ahead may seem uncertain. We're here to provide expert guidance, tailored solutions, and unwavering support, ensuring that you always stay compliant and one step ahead in the ever-changing landscape of human resources.

Our HR compliance and policy services include: 

  • HR Audits
  • HR Assessments
  • HR Due Diligence - Due Diligence related to mergers & acquisitions from an operational and cultural perspective Affirmative Action Plans - If you are a “government contractor” (as defined by Executive Order 11246) we can help you comply by completing a written Affirmative Action Plan (AAP).
  • Workplace Investigations - We can assist you with implementing an employee-related workplace investigation, by providing you with the necessary external expertise and discretion. Our team has investigated and interviewed witnesses, reviewed current policies and evaluated evidence in a variety of situations.