Leadership coaching can help uncover blind spots, strengthen leadership skills, and change behaviors that can directly impact business results. And before we create an action plan - or even start coaching - we ensure the leader understands what success looks like, and knows what behaviors are expected.

After clearly identifying the goals of the coaching relationship, and determining success measurements, the coach will take steps to meet the leader where he/she/they are. Whether a seasoned leader or in his/her/their first leading opportunity, the coach will help to gather feedback which may include interviews, self-reflection, feedback sessions, and/or a 360-degree assessment. Only then will the coach start collaborating with the leader to prioritize and create action steps to take the person’s leadership skills to the next level.

Behavior modification starts with understanding today’s issues, tomorrow’s success goals, and the gaps between them. Giving the leader the information and understanding necessary is paramount to crafting a realistic, achievable action plan that complements business strategy.

Our team of HR professionals will partner with your organization to ensure the leader has a clear understanding of success - and we rely on decades of business, HR, and organizational psychology experience to coach, guide, and direct the individual’s action plan.

While confidentiality is the cornerstone of every aspect of the relationship for the coach, we further develop and guide the voice of the leader - and encourage the individual to repeatedly ask for feedback and update the organization with achievements and action plan wins.

Coaching Program Offerings

Each coaching relationship is unique to the individual leader. One-on-one sessions typically happen over the course of several months, and end when the leader can move forward with new skills without additional coaching, direction, and guidance. In rare cases, the assignment may have a specific timetable regardless of skill achievement.

Our priority is understanding the leader’s current situation and future goals to create a customized coaching experience that enhances their leadership skills and drives behavior change that contributes directly to organizational success.

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