Optimizing an organization’s success and overcoming any challenge is a multi-step process: a process we begin with a conversation to understand where your business has been and where it is going. Our partnership allows business leaders to gain clarity on the “here and now” and helps organizations become the companies they want to be. We help identify the path best suited for the organization, and work with you to create strategy and action plans that complement the culture and foundation of your company.

This can start with getting the “right” leaders in seats - and for other companies, it may mean clarifying who they want to be. Our role is to provide the tools, expertise, and at times, honest talk to get to where you want to go.

Moving Your Organization Forward

Since no two engagements are the same, we know it is vital to bring diverse experience and expertise to our clients. Our commitment is to stay in front of the trends, while keeping our focus on the foundational business concepts, practices, tools, and skills necessary for organizations to stay competitive, profitable, and relevant in today’s changing markets.

We ask the right questions to inform our focus on what is going to move your organization forward. Once we understand the problem, opportunity, or situation, we explore, with leaders, the options available for short-term successes and long-term gains. Count on us to work with you to assist with implementation, and evaluate repeatable successes and opportunities.

Our approach, number one goal, and central priority is always to create an alignment of strategy, structure, people, rewards, metrics, and management processes to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Our organizational development initiatives may include:

  • Human Process Initiatives -  team building, interpersonal and group process approaches, and coaching
  • Techno Structural Initiatives - restructuring organizations (flexible work design, downsizing, business process engineering, retooling employees, and quality of work life)
  • Human Resource Management Initiatives - employee engagement, employee experience, focus groups, new hire surveys and exit interviews, performance management, employee development, succession planning, coaching and mentoring, career development, and diversity awareness.
  • Strategic Initiatives - organization transformation, culture change, leadership development, and attraction and retention initiatives.
  • Competency Development - developing and implementing the specific, well-defined skills and behaviors that comprise performance expectations - and are integrated into performance appraisals, hiring practices, and much more.
  • Promotion Validation - involves a study of the effectiveness of the criteria used to determine promotions. 
  • General Consulting - aligning the structure, policies, and procedures, necessary to create a positive workplace environment. 
  • Career Path – defined and measurable plans help to motivate your team members.
  • Organizational Assessments

We are certified and partner with several vendors to provide platforms, tools, and resources to deliver what is needed to ensure you are considering the appropriate concerns, can focus on performance, and have the data and information to recognize success.