A robust internal control environment, attuned to your organization's specific challenges and processes, plays a critical role in ensuring your success. In today's rapidly evolving business and fraud landscape, it is vital for organizations to maintain a customer-centric approach, while consistently monitoring and improving internal management controls and due diligence requirements.

With our team's accumulated decades of experience, we offer a customized perspective and a consultative risk management methodology. Our objective is to enhance your organization's value by advising you on effective governance structures and risk mitigants and suggesting control measures centered on industry best practices and cost efficiency.

A strong internal control function that understands your unique challenges is important for success—our dedicated and certified team can help.

Our services include:

  • Risk assessments
  • Process and internal control identification
  • Internal audit / internal control monitoring plan development and execution
  • Full or co-sourced internal audit outsourcing
  • Supervision of the work of internal audit staff
  • Training of staff
  • Management & board or audit committee consultation / risk guidance
  • Process engineering & improvement studies
  • Fraud examinations & investigations
  • Sarbanes Oxley & FDICIA documentation, testing, and training

Herbein Risk Management is a division of Herbein + Company, Inc., formed in 2013 when Financial Outsourcing Solutions (FOS) joined Herbein.

Herbein’s Risk Management division is a leading provider of risk management services, including internal control, information technology, cybersecurity, and financial institution regulatory compliance services to clients for over 27 years.