Every transaction has a tax implication - and your business’ trade in the global marketplace carries international tax consequences and opportunities. Most taxing authorities take territoriality into consideration, and in many cases, there are offsets based on taxes paid in other countries.

Herbein works to ensure that our clients avoid double taxation, capitalize on tax credits, and remain compliant in all countries of operation. Our team assists you in the planning and structuring of tax matters for international transactions, financing for multinational operations, and in matters related to tax treaties.

Our international tax scope is enhanced through our membership in Allinial Global, a worldwide affiliation of 300 independent firms, with 26,000 professionals in 90 countries. We regularly work with Allinial Global member firms on issues requiring country-specific knowledge that demand the attention of a local professional who deals with similar issues every day. This on-demand access to global practitioners ensures that all matters are handled in a quick and efficient manner.

A hot topic within the accounting industry is transfer pricing, or the practice of setting the number of charges to related parties during international transactions. This affects related companies that exchange products or services. Taxing authorities tend to enforce the arms’ length principle – that is, what is the pricing that two unrelated businesses would implement in a similar transaction. A transfer pricing study provides the documentation necessary to make a case for meeting the arm’s length criteria.