Tax Audit and Controversy Services

Navigating tax controversies requires recognizing the unique nature of each case. We pride ourselves in providing tailored solutions for our clients.

  • Audit Defense: State and local tax audits can sometimes be aggressive. This is where Herbein’s SALT professionals come in. 

    Our team has a wealth of experience handling complex state and local tax audits. After a comprehensive evaluation, we tailor a strategic plan based on your objectives. You can expect us to proactively manage every audit stage and assist you with negotiations, settlements, appeals, and dispute resolution. 
  • Pre-Audit Support: Elevate your pre-audit preparation with our commitment to proactive solutions. Leverage our expertise to position your business to comply with changing tax requirements.
  • Ruling Requests: Herbein can assist with obtaining rulings or guidance from state or local authorities.
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements: Are unpaid tax liabilities casting a shadow over your business operations? Our specialists are here to guide you through a strategic solution – Voluntary Disclosure Agreements. Our comprehensive VDA services are designed to empower businesses to proactively address tax obligations, mitigate risks, and pave the way for compliance.

Contact Herbein to learn how you can mitigate SALT risks, ensuring compliance, and securing a resilient path forward.