Our consultants adapt and align - and collaborate closely with one another to support our clients. Much of our training is created in-house, and is organically tailored to match the evolving requirements of businesses we support. While there are times we use “off-the-shelf” training services that need little to no customization, we often create training solutions by partnering with our clients, learning about their business, and as a result, customizing what we do.

Our experience in facilitation and retreat execution – and track record of collaboration with clients – helps us establish a process that will foster success and productive, efficient functioning.

Herbein | Watterson consultants work with you and your team to find solutions in situations that require an objective perspective and full, transparent employee participation. We believe in allowing the process to flow smoothly, ensuring that all voices are heard. Our role is to serve as a manager of the process and group dynamics of your group, allowing the participants to focus solely on the task or issue at hand. 

Our training and retreat services include:

  • Interviewer instruction
  • Experiential instruction/retreat
  • Team building

Talent Solution services are offered through a division of Herbein. Herbein I Watterson Talent Solutions is a subsidiary that was formed through the addition of Watterson & Associates.