No matter your business’ size or industry, certain aspects of HR can be unfamiliar, overwhelming, and challenging. Our associates have vast experience and are expertly versed in all HR functions. Diverse backgrounds and ongoing education allow us to deliver the high-performance HR solutions behind high-performing organizations.

Client CEOs often bring us to the table with top management and existing HR personnel to provide expert guidance and strategy around their most critical business decisions. Our clients turn to us for advice on everything from the appropriate use of staff and desired organizational structures to how to improve the return on the organization’s investment in human capital.

Employee Benefit Programs

Compelling Programs to Help Attract and Retain Top Talent

The best benefits programs satisfy both the realities of business and the needs of employees. As an investment, they should help attract and retain talent without excessive costs. We’ll work with you to design a cost-effective program that both gives your business a market advantage and stimulates its growth. We do not broker or sell any specific benefit packages. Instead, we maintain third-party independence to provide only the best solutions for your organization.

Our Employee Benefit Programs services include:

  • Ensuring your compliance by staying updated with all benefit regulations
  • Objective reviews of your existing programs to identify needs and recommended changes
  • The use of surveys and focus groups to assess and monitor employee morale associated with benefits
  • Added value brought to the broker role thanks to our overall knowledge of the field
  • Detailed program cost/benefit analyses
  • Cost-effective benefit design alternatives
  • Merger/acquisition studies and analyses to manage the consolidation of benefit programs

The features of our Employee Benefit Program Designs include:

  • 401(k)
  • Healthcare
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Flexible Benefit Plans
  • Benefit Plan Selection and Cost Analysis
  • Pension Plans
  • Paid Time Off Plans
  • Benefit Surveys