Committed to driving organizational performance through sound, time-tested and proven human resources strategies.

On July 1, 2021, Herbein joined forces with Mosteller & Associates, the Mid-Atlantic's most comprehensive HR solutions partner. The powerhouse combination created a new HR division: Herbein I Mosteller HR Solutions, adding to Herbein’s suite of service offerings. Herbein I Mosteller HR Solutions will enhance the firm’s ability to deliver strategic human resources services and resources, and provide even greater value for clients to help them succeed with confidence.

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Driving Success from the Inside Out
Herbein I Mosteller HR Solutions professionals believe your people are your greatest asset and that the most impactful, resilient and sustainable business growth comes from within. To achieve that growth, you must invest wisely in your human capital. Empower your people to perform at their highest potential, and you’ve empowered your organization to do the same.

We partner with organizations to develop human resources programs and strategies tailored around their needs. The results are effective working environments that leverage internal talent to catapult outward business success.

A Quarter-Century’s Worth of Expertise
For 25 years, Herbein I Mosteller HR Solutions has partnered with clients of all sizes – spanning a wide range of industries. During that time, we’ve continuously honed our unique approach to HR. On the surface, our method is simple: take the time to truly understand the needs, culture and inner workings of the businesses with which we partner. But, in practice, the effect is radical. And it’s why we stand today as the region’s premier, full-service human resources organization.

Our Services
We provide a robust suite of HR solutions with an emphasis on compensation, benefits, training and staffing. Depending on our client’s needs, we deliver our solutions in a variety of ways, ranging from administrative HR support and one-off projects to full-scope strategic services. In all cases, we first develop firm partnerships with the organizations we serve. It’s the crucial step in a tactical process that allows us to deliver custom-tailored, expertly crafted HR solutions that ensure reliable and effective contributions that support our clients’ strategic and operational goals.