Nonprofit & Government

Herbein + Company, Inc. considers the nonprofit and government arena to be a firm specialty. Our dedicated team serve’s over 130 nonprofits and 75 governmental organizations.

You need an advisor who understands the unique challenges faced in this sector, and has the skill and expertise to provide the guidance and advice that is necessary to ensure your success. Herbein + Company, Inc. has developed a team of nonprofit and government industry specialists who work extensively in this area, providing compliance and audit as well as advisory services.

Herbein has cultivated and maintained a strong state-wide leadership presence in the nonprofit and government arena through involvement with various PICPA committees. Our team has provided leadership and direction to school districts, government and numerous nonprofit entities. This assists our clients and firm personnel by having access to both recent changes in accounting and auditing regulations and new and/or pending legislation at the state and federal levels.

Specific Services:

  • Prepare and analyze budgets, cash flow projections, and financial reports to ensure the organization is performing efficiently and effectively
  • Manage taxes and tax exempt status
  • Preparation of 990
  • Management advisory services
  • Work closely with your board of directors