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Gloria Gombar joined Herbein in 1988.

Gloria oversees Herbein day to day fiscal management, collaborating closely with the firm’s chief financial officer. She is responsible for payroll, financial reporting and analysis, and budgeting process. Additionally, Gloria directs and manages the firm’s finance team.

Gloria is proud to be part of the Herbein team. “Under our current leadership, we are focused on growth while maintaining the Herbein culture started by our founder Carl Herbein in 1972. We have perks and benefits unlike any other CPA advisory firm, which fosters work-life balance, teamwork, enthusiasm, and accountability.” As she looks ahead to the future, Gloria says, “it is clear our firm leaders have a clear vision for the firm’s future to optimize profitable growth, and provide opportunities for personal growth.”

In her spare time, Gloria enjoys reading, walking, gardening, baking, crossword puzzles, and spending time with her family.

Focused On

  • Strategic planning
  • Management dashboards
  • Budgeting
  • Cash management
  • Financial governance
  • Financial risk management
  • Expenditure oversight and control
  • Financing
  • Management

Education & Certifications

  • Alvernia College, Accounting