When Taxes Give You Lemons...

January 28, 2016

When Taxes Give You Lemons...
Herbein's Reading office is looking to replace some of the sour taste of taxes with the sweet taste of making a difference.

From February 1 through April 15, the Herbein team in Reading will be making lemonade for everyone who visits our office. Your $1 contribution per cup will go to Alex's Lemonade Stand which has been fighting to eradicate childhood cancer since 2005.

To further demonstrate our commitment to the cause of fighting childhood cancer, Herbein will provide a dollar-for-dollar match to Laney's Legacy of Hope which supports research projects and and provides assistance to children and their families facing high risk pediatric cancer.

Click here to donate to Herbein's lemonade stand.

Visit these websites to learn more about Alex and Laney, the brave girls who inspired so many to join the fight against pediatric cancer:



Participating Herbein Office: Reading, PA