March 2017 Herbein Hero - Tabor Community Services

Herbein is pleased to announce Tabor Community Services as the recipient of the March 2017 Herbein Community Heroes Award in the amount of $500.

At Tabor, the mission is to help families find solutions to their housing and financial problems. The donation helps to raise the funds needed to provide services to the more than 4,600 individuals each year. Tabor works with low-income families and individuals in financial distress and those experiencing homelessness to find solutions through counseling, education, and goal setting. Tabor’s comprehensive array of programs and services include: rapid re-housing for those experiencing homelessness, rental counseling to prevent homelessness, transitioning sheltered persons to permanent housing, supportive housing, budget counseling, financial literacy education, consumer credit counseling, first-time home-buyer counseling, default mortgage counseling, counseling to achieve financial self-sufficiency, and matched savings accounts to help low-income families save for purchasing assets such as a home or education. Tabor also offers specialized programs which serve the specific needs of veterans, disabled persons, individuals experiencing mental illness, and women exiting prison.

The $500 award will be used by Tabor to help someone experiencing homelessness finding permanent housing.

Thank you Tabor Community Services for all that you do!


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