Herbein Q+A 360 Edition: The “Now, Where, How” Process

March 24, 2023

While strategic planning benefits are significant, it can feel daunting to begin the process when there are immediate, urgent needs that may overshadow the longer-term imperative to develop a vision for your business’ future.

To alleviate those concerns, Ashley Blessing, Herbein senior manager and Herbein 360 leader, shares the main methodology of the Herbein 360 process.

The “Now, Where, How” process centers on examining:

  • Now - Your current strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance.
  • Where - Vision and realistic goals of the company
  • How - Comprehensive strategies and action plans to reach the where.

The “Now, Where, How” methodology forces business owners to fully think about where they are right now, where they want to be at some future point, and then to develop the strategies and plan on how to close that gap. 

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Article contributed by Ashley N Blessing