Form W-2 Deadline

Form W-2 Deadline

When Can You Expect Your W2 Forms?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires W-2 forms to be sent out or made available electronically by January 31, 2019. The online availability will be beneficial for many reasons. The regulation will help the IRS reduce errors by giving the IRS more time to review returns, allow for better fraud protection and provide issuance of refunds at a faster rate as well as allow for quicker accessibility to tax preparers and accounting firms.

As an employer, to avoid fines or to not delay your employees tax refunds, you must abide by the January 31st deadline. This also includes Form 1099-MISC for non-employee compensation payments. Please be aware that employers can elect to file a single 30-day extension along with detailed explanation for the extension request. The extension request must be submitted on IRS Form 8809 no later than January 31st. However, there is no guarantee that the extension will be granted.

How Can You Retrieve a Copy of Your W2?

Businesses and military services have made it easy to attain the W-2 forms online. If you use ADP as your payroll system, you can easily access your Form W-2’s using the platform that is used to check your wage statements online. Tax service websites; such as, H&R Block and TurboTax are also working with employers for a simpler way to electronically import W-2 forms. The employers will inform you if they have hired a payroll or W-2 delivery company which has an online W-2 import available to you.

Have You Changed Jobs Mid-Year?

Common ways to ensure that you receive your Form W-2’s in time is to simply call your previous employer or email the updated address changes or check mailing addresses utilizing online payroll portals. If you know that your employer is not compliant, using the IRS as a resource can be extremely beneficial. Inform the IRS if you have contacted your previous employers several times and your employer has not been responsive in providing Form W-2’s access. The IRS can help assist in the process, so that you can better gauge the receipt of your W-2 forms. 

The IRS new Form W-2 and 1099 availability requirements may speed up the process of refunds and knowledge of taxpayer’s   liability, strengthen fraud protection, and reduce the overall stress of wage and information forms accessibility.

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Article written by Michael Williams.