February 2017 Herbein Hero - Ethan's Hope for Humanity

February 28, 2017

Herbein is pleased to announce Ethan's Hope for Humanity as the recipient of the February 2017 Herbein Community Heroes Award in the amount of $500.

Music to make every child feel special! Today’s world is not easily navigated by our children who born with economic, physical, emotional, or other challenges.

Some children are failed by those entrusted to offer protection and love.  Through no fault of their own, these children who should be singing, dancing, hugging, and having a special childhood are instead marginalized.

Ethan’s Hope for Humanity works to make every child feel special though music.  Ethan's Hope for Humanity is focused on using music to help disadvantaged children gain self-esteem, learn respect, develop empathy, and have fun.

Ethan’s Hope for Humanity is a grass-roots movement that works directly with 501-(c)(3) organizations associated with schools to enhance the musical experience of their students. For 2017, we are partnering with Bache-Martin Elementary, one of the nation's first schools designed with handicapped children in mind.  Ethan’s Hope for Humanity dreams of a world where music makes a difference for our children, and we are relying on our collective humanity to help us succeed.

Ethan's Hope for Humanity is not affiliated with any agency, organization, family, school, organized religion, etc.  We are solely focused on making a positive impact in memory of a child who never had the chance to feel special.

The $500 award will be used by Ethan's Hope for Humanity to raise money to pay for instruments (20 keyboards and 20 guitars) requested by the school. This award will directly help fund these instruments.  Additionally, Ethan's Hope for Humanity will renovate the Bache-Martin music room, and we are collecting used instruments which will be donated to children who otherwise would never have access to a real instrument.

Thank you to Ethan's Hope for Humanity for all that you do!


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