2020 Year-End Tax Planning Guide

The Herbein team is focused on helping clients chart their path ahead by learning and adapting quickly.

The same principle applies to tax planning – particularly during this extraordinarily challenging year. As the global pandemic continues to impact individuals and businesses across the nation, there are several tax developments to consider.

We are excited to release the 2020 Year-End/Year-Round Tax Planning Guide, now available for download.

While we have included key considerations in this year’s guide, this resource is intended to provide broad suggestions only. There is no substitute for the guidance of an advisor who keeps your specific needs in mind.

To download the complete 2020 tax guide click here.

Strategies for Individual Taxpayers
Tax brackets and rates
Timing strategies
AMT Rates
Retirement Planning
Your Investments
How much can you contribute
Capital Gain/Dividend Rates
Year-end reminders

Opportunities for Business Owners
Review Earnings and Taxes
Tax Rates
Timing strategies
Asset purchases
S Corp Strategies
Additional planning tips

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Although the economic picture continues to evolve, it is important to take an active role and sit down with your advisory team – accountant, lawyer, financial planner – before the door closes on existing opportunities. We look forward to working with you to review your tax situation and ensure that you are prepared to navigate the post-pandemic world with confidence. Contact your Herbein advisor today.

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