Founded in 1996, Herbein Talent Solutions was formed with a 2022 combination with Herbein and Watterson & Associates, Inc. and for almost 30 years has focused on actively helping clients succeed with confidence where it matters most to them: their employees.


By strategically partnering with companies to manage employee development needs, Herbein Talent Solutions professionals deliver expert advice on making strong hiring decisions, sustaining employee development, and ultimately, realizing a long-term return on human capital investment.

Clients count on our team to help:

  • Align employee attributes with company success.
  • Develop a relationship between leadership vision, organizational mission and employees.
  • Build upon the foundation for future growth.
  • Evaluate results.

Our methodology for optimum performance focuses on organizational mission, leadership, and employees and is backed by a comprehensive range of specialized expertise to help clients screen, assess, develop, and retain exceptional employees.

No matter the size, maturity, or location, our team provides the right solutions at the right time - with a practical, real-world approach that aligns with client priorities.