September Herbein Hero - Friends of the Daniel Boone Homestead

September 30, 2015

Herbein is pleased to award the September Herbein Community Hero award to the Friends of the Daniel Boone Homestead in the amount of $500.

As accountants, Herbein + Company is well-known for helping our clients achieve success.  As your neighbor, we would like to work with you to recognize and reward those who are focused on making our communities better.

The mission of the Friends of the Daniel Boone Homestead is to interpret the life of Daniel Boone; the experiences of the Maugridge and DeTurk families’; and the settlement, development, and culture of the Oley Valley in the eighteenth and early nineteenth century and to provide recreational and educational opportunities to Pennsylvania and its visitors.  The Friends offer over 50 special events and programs annually to the visiting public, as well as school groups. The events and programs focus on various aspects of colonial and Early American life and include hands-on activities and demonstrations.  In addition to the historic aspect of the Homestead, there are several recreation opportunities including walking paths, fishing, horseback riding, and group camping.  The Friends offer pavilions and buildings to rent for events and parties, as well as tenting and indoor camping areas for scout and youth groups.

The Herbein Heroes award money will go towards sponsoring Boone's Beerfest (May 9) or Battles at Boone: A Revolutionary War Encampment (August 15 & 16).  Proceeds from both of these events will go towards providing educational programs and events to the community and its visitors, including Hands-On History Days, Charter Day, Independence Day, Heritage Day, and A Homestead Christmas, and upkeep of the site’s rental facilities for scout groups, youth groups, and families.

THANK YOU Friends of the Daniel Boone Homestead!

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