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At Herbein + Company, Inc., we place a high value on your privacy and the security of your personal information. We have always had policies in place to safeguard the paper and electronic information you provide to us.

There are recent federal regulations in place to help to ensure that all tax preparers handle clients’ information with care, in addition to those safeguards we previously employed. The regulations require that we obtain your written consent before we use or disclose your information for any purpose other than preparing your tax return, such as recommending services or sending you our firm newsletter. Please consider the enclosed forms carefully.

Please note that you are not required to sign and return these forms in order to keep doing business with Herbein + Company, Inc. You may give your consent for all, some, or none of the situations. However, without your signed consent, we cannot contact you regarding matters that do not relate directly to your tax return and you might not receive our newsletters, eNewsletters, event invitations, or other Herbein + Company, Inc. news.

To provide us with your consent, please complete and return the enclosed forms to any Herbein + Company office in-person, fax, e-mail or by postal mail. We ask that you return the forms to us prior to the completion of your tax return.

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