Strategic planning. It’s time well spent – especially in times of turbulence, as is the case today. And while the benefits of strategic planning are significant it can feel daunting to begin the process. Immediate, urgent needs like increasing sales, and enhancing profitability, may overshadow the longer-term imperative to develop a vision for your business’ future.

The Herbein 360° process begins with exploration of your business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Our team will actively coach you and bring our experience to your team to help identify and prioritize challenges and opportunities.

And while we use cutting-edge technology and time-honored tools to help create your roadmap, we are equally focused on building a relationship with you.

Herbein 360° enables you to think consciously about risks and manage them better than your competition to gain a powerful advantage. Ready to look at your future through a new lens? Talk to us.


By examining key aspects of your business to understand your organization’s strategic, financial, and operational goals, you can focus your energy towards gaining a powerful business advantage.

Our Herbein 360 diagnostic tools available below can help you take a closer look at your business’ people, processes and operations – and prioritize your issues and opportunities to get ahead and stay ahead. Get started today on that important exercise to develop a vision for your future.

Growth and Profit Solutions Business Diagnostic ToolThe Change Success Diagnostic - Organizational Leadership Diagnostic ToolChange Success Diagnostic - Personal






Meet Ashley Blessing, CPA, a Herbein 360 team leader.

Ashley advises organizations on how to improve and transform the way they do business. She is passionate about advisory services and works closely with her clients to help businesses accomplish and follow through on strategic goals. As a Herbein 360 advisor, Ashley believes in taking an integrated view of the operational, financial, organizational and technical aspects of each business. Read more about Ashley here.

Herbein 360° in Action: Growing Market Share

“We have been working with Herbein + Company, Inc. on a strategic initiative to retain and attract new customers in a specific market across central Maine. It’s been great to collaborate with a company who is an outside resource, but still close enough to us financially to understand our family business needs and unique growth goals. We plan to continue with their business improvement strategy sessions in the near future to identify new opportunities. Herbein’s process is thorough, well organized, and deadline oriented to keep us on track. Gifford’s is looking forward to continuing our journey with them.”

Lindsay Skilling, CEO  I  Gifford’s Ice Cream