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Herbein + Company, Inc.

Professional Team

Employee Benefit Plan Auditing

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Employee Benefit Plan Auditing

At Herbein + Company, Inc., we understand the complex laws and compliance obligations imposed by regulatory authorities. We work extensively with companies of all sizes.

Employee benefit plans are an essential component in attracting and retaining key employees. However, according to the Department of Labor, 75% of all benefit plan audits are deficient. Substantial penalties may occur when a plan administrator fails or refuses to follow annual reporting requirements.

We work directly with clients to gain knowledge about their plan, determine the most cost effective audit approach, and offer recommendations and advice. We not only want to understand your plan before we conduct an audit, we want to learn about the environment in which your plan operates.

Employee Benefit Plan Audit Team
The Herbein + Company, Inc. Employee Benefit Plan Audit Team is comprised of high level individuals: including three partners, two senior managers, and two managers. Each of these individuals offers unique knowledge, training and experience.

Our professional staff is educated on the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and the changing laws and standards that are used by the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor. Our audit professionals work closely with your plan sponsor, trustee or administrator to reduce your risk of penalties or litigation actions that can be taken against your company.


John T. Pagerly, CPA – Reading, PA
Joel S. Kunkel, CPA – Pittsburgh, PA