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Herbein + Company, Inc.

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Experienced Professionals

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Experienced Professionals

Herbein + Company has been named the recipient of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association Psychologically Healthy Workplace award. The Association recognized Herbein + Company, Inc. for commitment to workplace well-being and creating a psychologically healthy work environment for employees. The Healthy Workplace award included the following criteria: Employee Involvement, Family Support, Employee Growth and Development and Health and Safety.

In addition, Herbein + Company, Inc. was also named the recipient of the Berks County Chamber of Commerce Winning Opportunities for Working Women award. The award is given each year to the company that demonstrates excellence in support of women within their organization.

Continued Professional Education programs
Staff members with a desire to grow and learn are an asset to us. They promote workplace productivity and increase morale for the entire firm. Each staff member has a desire to grow and develop, and it is our responsibility to support them in the accomplishment of this goal. Herbein + Company, Inc. provides several types of Continuing Professional Education to its employees.

Our in-house training takes several forms:

Outside training is also available to our staff for specialty or advanced knowledge. Reimbursement is provided for approved travel and lodging when attending out-of-town programs.

Our Individualized Career Development plans are carefully developed for each staff member and consist of a variety of in-house and outside training.