Talent Acquisition

Business leaders know that having the right talent on the team is critical for success. But knowing you need the right people doesn’t mean you know how to find them. For many employers, current acquisition and retention strategies aren’t working - leading to business and market risk, and employee burnout.

Our talent acquisition service options are tailored to meet your unique business goals: choose the approach that aligns best.

As top talent continues to be scarce, companies need to “up their game” to find the people they need. Herbein|Mosteller HR Consulting understands the struggle – and we will partner with your team to navigate through the challenges. 

Our process

Just as your needs are unique to your business and culture, so are our search processes. From a foundational formula, we’ll tailor our processes to ensure that the best candidates become your new hires and that new hires develop into long-term relationships. Our approach is so successful we guarantee the results. If the new employee doesn’t remain with the organization for the contracted timeframe, we’ll perform a new search at no additional charge.