Collateral Field Examinations

Asset Based Field Exams

Herbein + Company, Inc. knows that banks today face increased challenges, regulation, and scrutiny. Our understanding of the industry provides a sound foundation which translates to opportunities. We have served banks with distinction for more than 25 years and believe that to provide outstanding service to our clients, we must know as much about their business and industry as possible, and we will continue to do so.

Asset based collateral field examinations include procedures designed to provide the lender with timely evaluations of the quality of the collateral that has been secured within a financing agreement. A major benefit to outsourcing a collateral field exam are certain cost savings that can be achieved by engaging an outsource firm that has the ability to utilize resources throughout the country or internationally.

The normal collateral field examination scope includes extensive analysis of accounts receivable and inventory. Limited procedures are also performed on cash, accounts payable, payroll taxes and insurance. The exact scope of the procedures performed may be tailored to your specific needs.

Reasons for Exams
Pre-loan surveys, inspections and specialized forensic accounting situations

On-going collateral monitoring as defined in an existing loan agreement
Collateral exposure assessment
Evaluation of accounting procedures and financing reporting capabilities