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Why Internships Are Important

Why Internships Are Important

Travis Stewart

Internships have become vital in today’s education.  Certain colleges and universities are beginning to require internships in order to graduate.  There are many benefits besides just being able to put an internship on a resume.  Reading out of a textbook can be quite boring, but applying your textbook knowledge with real world examples provides the maximum learning experience.  Internships provide students with an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. It places them into an office or other work setting with all new people that they are not comfortable with and forces them to adapt, learn, and use communication.

In addition to the learning experience, internships provide many other benefits.  It gives students the opportunity to test a field which is new to them.  You never know if you will love or hate a career path unless you are exposed to it. You might be surprised with what you like or dislike!  An internship is a great opportunity for an upcoming graduate to test different fields of their respective major.  Also, internships provide the student with chances to network, establish relationships with mentors, and acquiring many new skills and abilities.

Being a full-time student and working/interning is not easy.  Not only are you attempting to balance school work and intern work, but also trying to maintain a social life and a semi-decent sleep schedule.  I have noticed that as an intern, I have improved my time management skills drastically just due to having to balance everything and not waste time.  Internships build confidence, time management skills, discipline, and communication skills.

Overall, internships provide students with a great opportunity to apply their knowledge in real world environments and develop skills which will help them perform better at future jobs.  I think that it should be a requirement for all students to have at least one internship!
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