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Social Media Success Stories from a CPA

Social Media Success Stories from a CPA

Aaron G. Phillips, CPA

This is a followup to the article: Networking-But Not As You Know It.

In my last article I talked about how you can get started on social media, how to mix personal and professional topics, how to connect with people, and that social media networking can take time. For the next post I promised to discuss what I have seen and learned while using social media so far...

As an Englishman living in the US, many of my contacts share similar interests such as football (soccer), British culture, technology or films. When I travel for work, I’ve made an attempt to try and meet up with some of my contacts.

  1. Recently I was in northern NJ, 30 minutes outside of New York City. I have a twitter contact who lived in the same area. We are both originally from the same area in England and met up for dinner. He is currently the managing editor of a large online financial publication website. Great bloke and extremely interesting to talk with. I’ve also met a sports journalist in Pittsburgh and some other interesting people across the North East region.
  2. I attended the PICPA’s ‘Emerging CPA Conference’ during the summer. I used the time to ‘live tweet’, taking quotes and statements from the presenters. During that time I had retweets from several state society CPA organizations from across the country. At the end of the conference I also awarded as the top tweeter of the day and given some small prizes. Not a bad day’s work if you ask me?
  3. During the same conference I took a walk during one of the breaks and went over to the social media table to see what they had on show. After I started talking they heard my accent, and asked me, “Is your twitter handle @BritishCPA”? I’ve tweeted with them quite a few times and they knew who I was. Even as an advanced staff accountant at a regional CPA firm I’d already built up a presence online that people in the accounting industry knew who I was. Again, this was enough to encourage me that social media had some massive reach.
  4. When I first got involved with Twitter I was fairly certain I was the only person from my city in this area of Pennsylvania. Within two months of being on twitter I met several people from Liverpool ranging from a bartender, IT director and sales associates.
  5. Using LinkedIn and Facebook, I was recently able to raise over $200 for a charity known as ‘Movember’. My donations were received from the U.S., England, Ireland, and Australia.

I am looking forward to attending some more conferences throughout the year and live tweeting, while meeting some fellow professionals in the industry.

If your employees or your company is thinking of trying to develop a social media presence, then stay committed. It’s a fantastic way of staying relevant in an ever changing world.

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