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Meet Victoria - 2014 Audit Intern

Hello! My name is Victoria Piscitelli and I am currently an audit intern at Herbein + Company.  What is there to know about me? There is a lot, so I will start with the basics.  I was born in Long Branch, NJ, and I moved to Coaldale, PA when I was younger.  I just recently graduated from Albright College, with a degree in Accounting.  I love to learn new things, and I love figuring out how things work.  Ask anyone that knows me, I ask a million questions because I always want to understand.

A few fun things that I like – I love reading, music, and dancing.  I am a HUGE Star Wars fan, and I am also pretty obsessed with the Walking Dead, but my most recent obsession is the Divergent series.

Now for some background - I am a December graduate because I started college a semester late. This is because I joined the Army Reserve and went to basic training the summer after high school.  My job in the Army is a Financial Management Specialist, but that may be changing soon.  I have learned so much from the military and have made so many friends.

I also love to do service.  One of the biggest parts of my college career, and quite possibly my favorite, was my service fraternity – Alpha Phi Omega.  We were constantly doing community service projects, but still were a good group of friends that would have fun together.

The summers during college I spent working at Whitewater Rafting Adventures.  I spent the first two years there as a river guide, which was amazing because I got paid to kayak.  The second two summers I spent most of my time working in the office, the last year as an intern which included some accounting work.  This was one of the best experiences of my life, the atmosphere was great to work in and the group of employees pretty much considers each other family.

This brings me to why I am here at Herbein.  I heard from a number of people that it was a great firm and a great experience.  One of my best friends from school, Joann, was an intern here and just started full time.  I’ve been here a couple weeks now, and every single person that I have met has been welcoming and extremely nice.  Everyone is willing to answer questions and wants to see you succeed.

I am looking forward to the learning experiences that this internship will bring, and you will hear more about them as they come!

Victoria Piscitelli - Albright College

Victoria Piscitelli