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Meet Esther Marino

Meet Esther Marino

There’s only one Esther Marino!  As a manager in the small business department, Esther is known for nurturing her clients towards success. Outside the office, her hobby reflects this same nurturing attitude, as gardening provides the outlet for Esther to plant the seeds of success, treat them with love, and experience the fruits of her efforts.  Ready, set, grow!

Gardening has always been a part of Esther's life from the huge backyard vegetable garden to the infusion of colorful annuals she was surrounded by all summer as a child.  Her father maintained her small family landscape with care, nurturing, and purpose each growing season, so we suppose it just “stuck” with her.

When Esther settled into her own domain once married and living in a new home, she had a clear palette waiting for her creative flair.  Starting with only the few staples of new construction landscaping, she dug forward with a plan for beauty and a clean and neat outcome.  With some trial and error and some error and trial, she learned many things over the years.  One is that weather dependent activities can be rewarding and disappointing as to outcome, but the actual care, nurturing, and purpose that she grew up with is the real meaning of it all.  Another one is stay away from poison ivy!

The maintenance and beautification of the Marino home property is Esther's leisure activity.  According to her, "It gives me the Zen that nourishes my spirit and stimulates my senses.  The smell, the feel and the look--it’s good medicine for me and good exercise, too.  My husband gladly does a lot of heavy lifting to help me, but also gladly leaves the rest up to me."

Over the past few years Esther has been collecting the colorful perennial Heuchera in all hues, but the yellows and reds are the showiest as a chorus line of border that look sassy all year round plus they seem to like her.  For annuals this year, Esther selected some joyful purple dahlias and deep pink bright and cheerful New Guinea impatiens.  While her primping and caring will go a long way, the weather will determine the destiny of it all.

What a wonderful planned unknown—we will all cross our fingers for Esther!

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