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Meet Dalton - 2017 Audit Intern

Hello Everyone! My name is Dalton Weller, and I am currently an audit intern at Herbein + Company. I’m currently a junior at Albright College and will be graduating in May of 2018 with 150 credit hours. At Albright, I have become involved in several extracurricular activities. I currently serve as the Vice President of the Class of 2018, am a campus peer tutor, a member of the Dearden Honor Society, and I was a Resident Assistant in a freshman building for the past year and a half. I also worked in the Controller’s Office on campus for just about two years before starting my internship.

In my free time, I enjoy attending sporting events with my family, playing cards on the weekend, or taking a camping trip in my family’s travel trailer. You may even catch me at the local little league field umpiring a youth baseball game during the summer. I am also a big Philadelphia Phillies, Flyers and Eagles fan (although it has been a rough few years).

I first learned about Herbein my freshman year of college at Albright’s Accounting Night. At that event, I was fortunate to speak with Dave (Stonesifer) and former Albright students and learn about the firm. I then took discovering Herbein a step farther when I attended the firm’s first Inspire Distinction program this past June. During the Inspire Distinction Program, the attendees learned different lessons, including how to balance life during busy season (which I can say has been extremely helpful thus far), passing the CPA exam, converting from the college to the professional lifestyle, and even how to overcome a Herbein interview. Listening to current Herbein employees talk about their own stories and tips for success really made me realize how honest, open, and friendly everyone is at the firm.

Now, I am currently in my fourth week of my internship, and I’ve learned more than I could have imagined. In particular, I’ve learned a lot about Herbein + Company has a whole. After Dave (Stonesifer) offered me the internship in June, I was extremely excited for 2017, so I could begin working in what I hope to be my future field of auditing. Before I even started working with the company, I was invited to all kinds of events including Firm Day and the Herbein Christmas Party.  At these events, I was introduced to even more members of the Herbein team, and began to feel as if I was part of it.

Since starting my internship in mid-January, I have asked hundreds of questions in order to understand what I was doing, why I was doing it, and how it affected the audit overall. When answering my questions, everyone has always been extremely understanding and willing to help me learn, as I complete my first few audits. Overall, I have loved every minute of my internship so far and can’t wait to continue to add onto my experience as a Herbein + Company audit intern.

More to come in future posts!

Dalton Weller
2017 Audit Intern
Albright College