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Meet Alexandra - 2017 Tax Intern

Meet Alexandra - 2017 Tax Intern

I am excited to introduce myself. My name is Alexandra Papoutsis and I am one of the newest interns in the tax department here at Herbein. My friends and family call me Alex. I would describe myself as authentic, determined, and always willing to learn something new. I love to play soccer, write, and play the flute. I was born and raised in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania where I currently reside with both of my parents and my younger sister, Brianna. I am currently enrolled at Albright College, where I am an advisor for the Volunteer Center, the Vice President of Philanthropic Services for Sigma Kappa, and also involved as a leader on Steering Committee for our freshman orientation program. One of my biggest passions is volunteering, explained why I chose to get involved in numerous philanthropic initiatives. I am thankful for all of the opportunities that Albright College has given me and I expect to graduate from there in May of 2019.

As I said earlier, one of my main character traits is that I am a determined individual. To me, this means that I am always looking to reach new goals that may not seem possible or plausible. At one point in time, interning here at Herbein was that challenge for me. I am only a sophomore in college, and most internship opportunities tend to go to juniors and seniors. Yet when I saw the opportunity to interview with Herbein, I wanted to prove everyone wrong that had the preconceived notion that a sophomore could not get an internship. I truly believed that with the right preparation, research, and determination, anything was possible. Interning earlier on had the potential to give me more experience in my career development.

Ultimately, I decided to interview with Herbein for more than just getting an internship experience. I wanted to intern at Herbein for the environment. From talking to employees before I worked here, I remember that each employee only had good comments to say about the company. Now that I am working here myself, I can confirm that everything they have said has only proven to be true. Herbein values their employees and does everything it can to showcase that. I wanted to intern at Herbein for the company. The company that feels like a family. All I have felt since I have started is constant support and encouragement to grow as a person.

I expect to be challenged, especially as we get closer to the heart of tax season. However, I also expect to learn new information and to grow as a person. I only hope that the time does not go by too fast.

Alexandra Papoutsis
Albright College
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