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A Day in the Life of Sydney – 2018 Tax Intern

A Day in the Life of Sydney – 2018 Tax Intern

When you think of an internship, what comes to mind? At Herbein, the tax interns, like myself, do not make coffee and run errands for the CPAs. We partake in the process of preparing the tax returns. Herbein’s tax internship is like a snowflake – no day is the same!

6:30 am – Ah the birds are chirping, the sun is out, and the lovely sound of my alarm wakes me up. I just hit the snooze button and hope that I can get an extra ten more minutes.

6:40 pm – Well, the ten minutes have passed, and it is now time for me to get up. I walk into the bathroom, look into the mirror, and think, “Wow I definitely cannot go into Herbein looking like this!”

6:45 am – It is time to get dressed! I put on my best work outfit for the day. I like to wear colors that match the holidays (green for St. Patrick’s Day or pink for Easter Sunday).

7:20 am – I grab my bags, lunch, and say goodbye to my cat, dog, and fish. I am so excited to start my day at my tax internship.

7:30 am – Traffic, again? Is it a tractor trailer or school bus this time?

7:50 pm – I am finally at Herbein! I walk in and greet the front desk and start my day preparing individual tax returns.

9:00 am – Oh no, I have a question! I know I can rely on the friendly staff to assist in any question I have during my internship.

12:30 pm – Lunchtime is my favorite time of the day where I can take a quick break and eat my favorite food. I like to eat my usual apples with peanut butter.

6:00 pm – I say goodbye to the other interns and my supervisors. It is time to go back to school!

6:30 pm – In order to stay in shape after all the food I eat throughout the day at Herbein, I must go to the gym!

7:30 pm – Now that I got a good workout in after a busy day at my internship, it is time for food! I like to eat the same food, which is barbeque chicken with fries that is so healthy to eat after a workout.

8:30 pm – I look at the homework I must do for my classes and read, write papers, and study.

11:45 pm – I always lose track of the time and I do not want to smell at my internship, so it is time for my shower where I can start to unwind for the night. I also pack for my next day’s adventure at the gym and my lunch for tomorrow.  

12:30 am – Before I go to bed, I like to read the news and watch some television. It is always a nice way to end my night cuddled in a blanket.

1:00 am – I hope I am not snoring too loud!

Sydney Robb
Tax Intern
Albright College