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A Day in the Life of...ME!

A Day in the Life of...ME!

Joann – Herbein Tax Intern
From New York City – Albright College Lions
Halfway to her goal of speaking eight languages

Hello all; it’s been awhile! So sorry, I’ve been so busy, but I will always have time for you – my readers! So, I realized that some of you may be might find yourself asking, what exactly does a tax intern at Herbein do? WELL… (drumroll, please) TAXES! (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.)

I work every day of the week (I will be starting to work on Sundays soon – yay!). Scheduling here is amazingly flexible – I have classes every day of the week, so I come in for a little bit here and there each day. I have two to three early days a week (8AM!). The toughest part of those days (honestly) is getting up. It’s getting easier now that there is light at 6:30AM…

When I arrive at Herbein, I settle down and head over to go look at “the cubicle” of files (this “cubicle” is where our work is). Now the cubicle is filled to the brink – to the point that I think it will be overfilled within the next few days! I take a few files (lately it’s been as much as my weak arms can carry) and head back to my own office space (how different mine looks from the others – mine is a bit cluttered and covered with post-its of things I shouldn’t forget – it’s just the way I like it). I sit down, and my day of work has just begun!

What we do is essentially input data into the tax program – trust me, it uses more brain power than you think! Sometimes, I get a file that causes SO many questions (such as: where to put certain numbers and what certain numbers actually mean). This is when I go and bother Dave and Stacy – whose heads are filled with so much tax knowledge, that my tax textbook I used in college would have been jealous. Seriously though, they’re the best because (with a smile) they explain everything and I walk away feeling smarter (and then I’m back with another question half hour later – oh, I feel bad as I am typing this and realizing how much they get to see of me each day…). If you decide to intern here (which you should!), make sure you ask questions if you don’t know! I’d rather get something right any day (and they love our questions anyway).

So… that’s my typically day (with a few things here and there – and some fun stuff, but more about that later!). I realize that I rambled way too much (hopefully you’re still reading), so I’ll end with a teaser… You’ll find out more about my Herbein experiences soon enough – just keep reading!

Until next time!


Joann Pun

Joann Pun, Herbein Tax Intern - Albright College