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A Day in the Life of a 2018 Tax Intern - Adam

A Day in the Life of 2018 Tax Intern - Adam
Greensburg, PA

9:00 am: I wake up to the sound of my alarm. I get dressed in black or khaki pants with a white button down. I eat a small breakfast and take my vitamins. 

9:50 am: I leave my house and embark on the 30-minute journey to the Herbein Company in Greensburg, PA.

10:20 am: After arriving at the office, I turn my computer on and get started right away. I do not like to mess around at work, especially with how many tax returns there are to scan and prepare. I start by checking my emails, then start scanning and preparing the 1040s. Preparing includes all aspects of entering the tax information in the tax software and verifying estimated payments with the state.  What makes this job so interesting is the fact that no client is the same. Since I am still a student in school, I do not know as much as the other people in the tax department. If I have any questions, everyone in the office is more than willing to assist me. I learn something new every day that I did not know the day before. I really enjoy learning hands because it helps me understand the material better in my classes.

12:45 pm: I typically eat a quick lunch, so I can quickly get back to scanning and preparing the 1040s.

1:00 pm: I do this for several more hours until it is almost time to go to class.

4:35 pm: This is around the time that I start to finish up what I was working on for the day. I enter what clients I worked on in my task list and send that information to the main office in Reading.  I enter my hours in the time capture software and proceed to close the programs that I have open on my computer.

4:40 pm: I talk with my managers about the progress that I made during the day. At this time, they typically will give me feedback on my work.

4:45 pm: I am ready to walk out the door and proceed to drive to class at Saint Vincent College.

5:15 pm: After arriving at Saint Vincent College, I typically have class from 1-2 hours depending on the day and class.

7:15 pm: I typically eat dinner at this time.

7:45 pm: I proceed to study the material for my classes. Depending on the day, I will also attend mock trial practice at Saint Vincent College.

8:30 pm: I drive home from school.

9:05 pm: It is not long before I take a shower and go to sleep to start the process again the next day.

I hope you have enjoyed my story on my life as a tax intern at the Herbein Company in Greensburg, PA!

Adam Galaski- Tax Intern 
Greensburg, PA
Saint Vincent College