Use of IDEA Data Analysis Software to Increase Business Efficiencies

November 8, 2013

Use of IDEA® - Data Analysis Software to Increase Business Efficiencies

Over the past decade technology has played an increasing role in today’s ever changing business environment, especially in the area of  accounting. In order to compete and be successful in this day and age, embracing technology to the fullest extent possible is a must.

IDEA,  a licensed software package from Audimation Services, Inc. is a data analysis software used by Herbein. It is possible that this software may be beneficial for your company in streamlining and increasing the efficiency of workflow..

IDEA would be a great asset to a company that:

  • Struggles with processing large volumes of data in multiple excel spreadsheets
  • Has an accounting system that provides reports only in pdf or text file formats
  • Interested in sorting and searching data, as well as combining files and creating account aging

Herbein’s Experience

At Herbein, IDEA has increased the efficiency and quality in the performance of our audits.  The software allows us to quickly import Adobe pdf documents or text files provided by our clients into an Excel spreadsheet format for analyzing data electronically, rather than manually, resulting in time savings in testing these pdf reports.  It has also allowed us to manipulate much more client data, much faster than Excel within the IDEA software; which allows us to analyze more data in a reduced amount of time in order provide better client service during our audits.

This could be a tool that would benefit you and your company. For detailed information or to discuss our experience or suggestions for implementation, contact Christopher Kunkle at 610-378-1175 or