Department of Revenue to issue new Revenue ID Numbers

Department of Revenue to issue new Revenue ID Numbers

Christel D. Wenrich - Herbein + Company, Inc.

Over the past few years Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (“DOR”) has been updating their internal computer systems. As part of this update the DOR will be issuing new 10-digit Revenue ID numbers to all types of entities. Business entities - C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships, and LLC’s are the first group to be issued the new Revenue ID number. Eventually, trusts, estates and individuals will also be issued a Revenue ID number.

The Revenue ID number will replace the 7- digit number previously known as a “corporate tax account number” or “box number”. The new Revenue ID number will only replace the” corporate tax account/box number” it will not replace the account number issued for sales/use tax, withholding tax, etc. It is also important to note that this Revenue ID number is not the same as the number issued by the Pennsylvania Department of State, which is 7-digits.

It is our understanding that the DOR has begun mailing letters notifying PA businesses of the new Revenue ID number. When you receive this letter kindly forward it to your tax professional immediately as they will need this new number to correspond with the Department of Revenue on any issues and the number will need to be entered on future PA business tax returns.

Form PA 100 reminder – needed for tax numbers other than the Revenue ID Number

If you recently created a new business and filed incorporation or LLC documents with the Pennsylvania Department of State there is nothing further you need to do to obtain a Department of Revenue ID number. The Department of State will forward the information to the Department of Revenue and the Department of Revenue will then issue the Revenue ID number. The Form PA-100 is not required to be filed to obtain the Revenue ID number. However, Form PA-100 is required to be filed to register for sales/use tax, withholding tax, unemployment tax experience record, liquid fuels and fuels tax, motor carries road tax, and various other accounts.

Update (3-7-14): For information pertaining to your revenue ID number please contact the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue directly, Herbein + Company, Inc. does not have access to this information.

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