April 2017 Herbein Hero - Abilities in Motion

Herbein is pleased to announce Abilities in Motion as the recipient of the April 2017 Herbein Community Heroes Award in the amount of $500.

Abilities in Motion is a Center for Independent Living that provides programs and services for all people with all disabilities.  They have a summer youth program called STARS that we are looking to fund. STARS assists approximately 30 youth with disabilities throughout the summer learn work readiness skills, travel training and social skills to be successful in the workforce when they exit high school. This 6 week program is free to students and their families. Not only do the students learn these skills, they also participate in a fitness program and a community dancing program. They get to go to places to experience what it is like to work in the real world.

The $500 award will be used by Abilities in Motion for funding for transportation, t-shirts, staff assistance and all activities related to this program.


Thank you Abilities in Motion for all that you do! For more information on Abilities in Motion visit:

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