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Human Resources

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Human Resources

HR Solutions, LLC

Controlling costs while maintaining confidence in human resource functions are a small business owner’s dilemma. Healthcare, unemployment obligations, and payroll taxes continue to grow, resulting in increased pressure on business owners to maintain a strong bottom line. A U.S. Small Business Administration Survey concluded that small companies spend approximately 80% per employee on federal compliance than larger companies.

A strong human resources program can make all the difference in ensuring the future of your company. A division of Herbein + Company, Inc., HR Solutions Consulting, LLC is an ideal solution for companies that do not have the need for a full time Human Resource department. Our priority is to make things simple for you and your employees. Using HR Solutions as your HR department permits you to focus on business growth, while confident that it will perform stronger through more efficient, happy and adaptable employees.

Our experienced team is able to provide your employees and management with top of the line personal service.



Joseph J. Witkowski – Reading, PA