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Herbein + Company, Inc.


Step Up at Herbein

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Step Up at Herbein

The Path to a Successful Career

Herbein’s Step Up training program is designed to educate our team members about their roles and responsibilities while preparing them for advancement. Herbein is dedicated towards an open culture, and the Step Up curriculum allows team members to learn about firm-wide operations and gain an understanding of what it takes for a firm to be successful.

Step Up provides a comprehensive overview of the various levels of responsibility by department. Our continuing professional education program is discussed, and our CFO provides insight into basic firm economics. Our COO discusses employee standards and the firm’s culture. Another partner discusses client service and the steps we take to ensure positive relationships. We also discuss the role of business development within the firm and the impact success can have on individual careers. The session is capped by an Ask the Chief Operating Officer session in which team members are free to ask any questions.