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Time is Flying

Megan Schmehl - Herbein Intern

Time is Flying

Hello again! The summer internship is coming to an end very rapidly and I apologize for the delay in my blogging! I have been kept very busy with EBPs and they keep on coming my way. I keep on learning new things with them because even though they are all pretty much the same, depending on the client there are many differences to adjust to. I am really, really enjoying being able to work on them. As I keep getting better at them, it makes me like EBPs even more.

This past Friday we had a very exciting event at the Firm, the Annual Luau (yes, at an accounting firm we had a luau!). The firm got to work until 12 and then the festivities began. There was plenty of food and drinks, a band, hula hooping contests, limbo, sprinklers, water balloon tossing, and so much more!! This event was a lot of fun and it was a good time to meet a lot of everyone's family. I actually almost won a free vacation day for best dressed and the hula hoop contest, but unfortunately I did not! Bummer!! Maybe next year I will be lucky and try to win again.

It is great that the company does events like this because it not only gives you a little break from work but you get to socialize with everyone because when you are working it is a rare occurrence because of how busy everyone is. It is also nice that the firm recognizes how hard everyone works and likes to reward with events like the luau. You may not think this is typical of an accounting firm but it is here at Herbein! I am just happy that I get to be a part of a firm that does things like this because not many people can say it happens where they work.

Until next time!