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Three Weeks Left

Joann Pun - Herbein Intern

Three Weeks Left

There’s only three weeks left to this internship – I know I’ve said this before, but I honestly cannot believe how fast this summer has flown by (I still have novels to read for my Spanish class – UH OH).  Anyways, I’ve still been out at clients (primarily school districts) and I’ve been travelling quite a bit – it’s been nice to see more of Pennsylvania. I feel that I haven’t seen the office much lately and sometimes it feels weird to be going in again at the end of the week (typically Thursdays and Fridays).

So, what’s coming up on my planner? Aside from the other two school districts I have left, there’s a luau planned for the first Friday in August. I’ve never been to Herbein’s luaus, but for some reason, I have images of the luau parties at the hospital I used to volunteer at. The volunteers had to wear (fake) grass skirts and fake coconut tops and dance on a stage for the patients as they ate cake and drank juice. Luckily, I was helping to lead the activity and making sure things were going smoothly, so I got out of being permanently embedded in the video that was recorded to forever remember the event. J However, I doubt the luau at Herbein will be the same – I hope! I’m quite excited to relax outside in the sun for a few hours at this party!

Hmm, aside from that – we’ve been progressing on our summer project – something I don’t think I explained about yet (oops). I will be sure to in the next post and give you all a little sneak peek into what us (interns) are thinking about doing – so… be curious!

I will end here – I don’t have much else that I can think of at the moment. Unfortunately, this won’t be the usual 450+ word post that I usually do, but have no worries because I will probably have much to talk about after that luau! :)