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Summer Luau Party

Joann Pun - Herbein Intern

It was such a beautiful day for the luau. As I drove to work in the morning, it was quite foggy out and a scene played in my head from a movie – the scary ones that make me hunch a little lower in my seat and pay even more attention to the road (not that I’m not focused when I’m driving!), in case something decided to creep out from nowhere and scare me (I’m forever traumatized by the first scary movie I’ve ever watched). I arrived a little earlier, to snag a parking spot before the hundred-plus attendees would arrive. All was quiet and tranquil, and the air was slightly damp. As I walked into the office, I realized that I remembered, yet forgot about the luau. I knew that the luau was on Friday, yet I realized that I had forgotten to dress for the occasion. Oh well, forgetful me.

The luau in itself was quite eventful. It was in the lot and there were several tents set up (for food, drinks, and sitting down). Many people started showing up, and there were games available for anyone’s amusement.

When the food was finally ready, most of us were hungry, so it wasn’t surprising when I say that the line appeared very quickly. Now, I must admit, the smell and idea of food (for my grumbling stomach) was more appealing than the actual food itself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I tried it, but it wasn’t my absolute favorite.  And then there was the much coveted and fan-favorite ice-cream truck, the one that makes that eerily, familiar (and annoying-if-you’re-trying-to-sleep-and-the-owner-of-the-truck-decides-it’s-the-perfect-time-to-sell-ice-cream) melody that might randomly play off in the distance during the summer days.

Afterwards, there was a water balloon contest and a hoola-hoop contest (if you asked my years ago to do so, I might have even won – but now, my hoola-hooping “skills” have decimated completely). I must say, overall, it was a nice way to start the weekend. While my friends from other accounting firms were working away, I was relaxing outside, eating, and talking to people. Which would you rather prefer??