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Summer Intern Project

Stephanie Atkins - Herbein Intern

Summer Intern Project

Megan, Joann, and I are the three audit interns at Herbein + Company this summer. In the spring I worked with Joann in the tax department and I knew Megan from taking classes together at Kutztown, so I was really excited about having the opportunity to work with both of them. Before the summer began, the three of us met with Dave so he could discuss a summer project with us. He explained to us that there would be two parts to the project and we would have to write a research paper as well as make a presentation to the senior management group. The first part of the project is to research a niche the firm currently practices in and identify several new clients within the niche. After discovering these prospective clients, we will have to think of ways to ‘pitch’ the firm to them and identity possible accounting services we could provide to them outside of audit and tax. The second part of the project is to research a niche Herbein does not specialize in and find target clients within the new niche. We will also need to identify technical training needed, associations the firm will need to join, and individuals in the firm who could lead the effort.

Our main resource within in the firm for this project is the marketing department, so talking to Jack and Amy will be extremely helpful. However, we have also been doing a lot of internet research and talking to partners and senior managers to get a better understanding of the firm and to obtain any new ideas to consider pursuing. Megan, Joann, and I have met a few times throughout the summer when we are all in the office and have come up with some ideas. For the first part of the project dealing with a niche Herbein participates in, we decided to research the dairy niche. We choose the dairy industry because it is Herbein’s largest specialization and we all wanted to learn more about this specialty. We also thought it would be a good opportunity to bring in clients because Herbein has years of experience and expertise in the industry. For the second part of the project, we choose to research the media and entertainment industry. This industry is being larger every year because we are transforming into the digital world. It is also a niche that the firm does not specialize in and we feel is a great opportunity to learn new areas and improve the firm as a whole.

We will be continuing our research for the next few weeks and putting together our paper and presentation to present to senior management. When the project is all finished, I will be sure to write a follow-up post on the final results!