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One Week Left

One Week Left!

Joann – Herbein Tax Intern
From New York City – Albright College Lions
Halfway to her goal of speaking eight languages

The time that I spent at Herbein has been flying by… we only have one week left! I’m really surprised at how fast the time flew by – and I will probably feel as if I don’t know what to do with all the extra time I will have once this is over! (Actually, that’s a lie – I already have over a dozen projects that I need/want to do!)

As of right now, I think that we have already passed that time during tax season where it seems as if we’ll never get everything done in time (this was when the desk with the files that we input was filled… x2!), but we have been working hard. Now, everything is going at a rather relaxing pace – for us interns as least! It feels great. :)

I must admit, before I started this internship, I thought that the last week would be TOUGH (imagine: I am hidden under piles of work – and you can only see the top of my head, I have not left the office in three days, I’m on my fifth cup of coffee within the hour, and I’m officially paler from lack of sunlight). Okay, I may have exaggerated a bit – but my mind can be melodramatic! However, as of right now, I’m still driving to work with my sunglasses on (it’s been soooo nice lately!!) and strolling in with my FIRST (or second) coffee of the week.

Now, it’s only the first day of this last full week, so I can’t say for sure that the rest of this week will be like this (I will be posting regularly until my last day though to keep you all updated!), but I am sure that we won’t have much of a problem keeping up (the other interns are amazing!!).

Be back within a day or two with more updates! (I feel as if I forgot to mention something... HMMM… oh well.) If you keep reading maybe I’ll remember soon!